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I’m Cole, 23-year old. I lived in Beijing, China with a whole bunch of digital products and all of my memories in this old but lovely house.

I believe that life is not measured by time, but by experience. So, just like the saying goes ‘finite life but infinite exploring’

More About

I consider myself a geeky person, but I don’t want to define my future as a programmer in some traditional sense. After all, my major is not CS either.

I just keep trying what I’m fond of in any realms I’m interested in. To be specific, My expertise and interest lies in Data Visualization, Deep Learning, UI design and any Fun Tools that can enhance my efficiency and serve for my personal work flow.

Spare Time

When not buried in my text editor,

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You can visit the Home page to find out how you can get in touch. All friendly exchanges are welcome.

Something Unrelated

I don’t want to over-design the sites, so I keep them clean and make them work.